About Blind Cleaning Hits One Out of the Park

About Blind Cleaning, Inc., a certified MBE for three years, has gained work at Chase Field for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Owners James and Mary Thomas attended a Major League Baseball event for the PSWMSDC in early 2016. They met 2 Senior Directors and a Senior Coordinator of Supplier Diversity at the Office of the Commissioner of Baseball in New York City. James told them about the company and what type of work About Blind Cleaning can do at the Phoenix Stadium. The Diamondbacks’ Director of Financial Management expressed interest and asked James to give him a call.

Within a few weeks, the Director gave James the name of the contact person at Chase Field, and before summertime, James was asked to come to the Field and write a proposal to deep green clean and restore chairs and sofas in the lounges.

Dbacks budget and timing constraints postponed the work but About Blind Cleaning was told they would hear back soon. It was an exciting time for the company.

About a year after that first meeting at the networking event, the call came that Chase Field was ready for the work to be done, along with the possibility of hiring About Blind Cleaning for future projects if the initial cleaning met their satisfaction.

The team went out and worked four days cleaning the chairs and sofas in the First and Third Base Lounges. The officials at the ball field said they couldn’t believe how nice everything came out and told James he and his team would be called for all future work.

About Blind Cleaning is a multi-certified and licensed small, family, veteran and minority-owned and operated corporation founded in 1995. The company specializes in deep cleaning and restoration of all window treatments, upholstered furniture, lighting fixtures/chandeliers, and more, including the authorized sales and professional installation of new window coverings.