Business Growth Primer Workshop


This half-day program outlining the business case for capacity building using the Strategic Alliance Process and high level overview of the StrategicCapacity Building Process, is presented by Randall Dobbins, of Dobbins, International, Inc.


Randall Dobbins is the CEO of Dobbins International Inc., a marketer of biodiesel and strategic alliance facilitator.  Randall’s expertise in business development and supply chain management was responsible for developing his expertise in designing, partnering and alliance relationships designed to create maximum, long term value between vested parties.  Randall’s specific alliance expertise comes from his role in creating and managing alliances as a buyer, as an account manager for a major supplier and as a business owner.

For Participants:
Gain an overview of the process for how to successfully and profitably grow your business and compete for larger opportunities using a “best-in-class” process for sustained business growth.

For Corporations:
Develope motivated key suppliers with the skills to understand your complex processes and develop solutions that meet your rapidly changing business environment along with the ability to effectively address capacity demands. 

Join Thermo Fisher Scientific, Henkel Corporation, and the Pacific Southwest Council for this event in Carlsbad, CA. Register now! Space is limited!