MBE Benefits

PSWMSDC provides the only nationally-recognized Ethnic Minority Business Certification in the Arizona and San Diego Region.

Certification offers minority suppliers the opportunity to connect face-to-face with many of America’s largest publicly-owned, privately-owned, and foreign-owned companies, as well as universities, hospitals, and other buying institutions.

Certification Benefits include:

  • We certify that your business is a bona fide Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) which is at least 51% minority owned, operated and controlled.
  • Our MBE certification gives your company a “competitive advantage” in the marketplace. It opens doors for your business.
  • The certification is accepted by thousands of corporations, health care organizations, educational institutions and municipalities across the nation.
  • Our certification allows our corporate members, and your corporate customers, to legitimately count their minority spend so in essence you’re helping your customers meet their supplier diversity goals.
  • We are the largest certify entity of minority businesses in the nation with over 12,000 MBEs certified, 460 national corporate members and over 1,300 local corporate members
  • We connect our certified minority clients with our corporate member procurement opportunities
  • We produce networking events that cultivates business relationships between MBEs and buyers
  • We encourage MBEs to do business with other MBEs
  • We highlight successful MBEs on our website and in our quarterly newsletter
  • We advocate for and help MBEs ready themselves for participation in the corporate supply chain and provide resources to help grow your business
  • Our certified MBEs receive discounted prices to our events.