Third Party Suppliers Targeted by Hackers in Big Data Breaches

Website Cybersecurity Series Session 1 on March 6th: Cybersecurity Realities, Reducing Website Vulnerabilities, and Protecting Your Business

Do you remember the Target data breach in 2013? It was one of the largest data breaches of all time, with millions of credit and debit card numbers and customer information stolen through malware uploaded to Target’s POS system. But how did it get there?

The breach happened through a third party HVAC vendor with access to Target’s systems.

Take a look at these other headlines and reports:

Domino’s Pizza Blames Supplier For Data Breach: Hackers Are Probing Third-Party Weaknesses – “Laws in various jurisdictions are extending corporate data protection responsibilities to cover the actions of sub-contracted agents. The legal issue is one matter, but the reputational impact may come at a higher price.”

Ohio State Data Breach Caused by a Third Party – “Security precautions were written into the contracts with the insurance company and the vendor who printed the cards, but those security provisions were not followed.”

Data Breaches Caused by Third Parties Are on the Rise

Did you know hackers can gain access to your internal company network through your website, via your browser, server, etc., giving them access to your company files and sensitive data that includes client information?

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Website Cybersecurity Seminar Series – Session 2 on March 28th: Minimizing Google Penalty Risks, Protecting Revenue and Reputation, Determining If Your Website Site is Breached

As of December 31, Google deemed 691,671 websites as dangerous due to Phishing activity and 504,322 websites were identified as hosting Malware.  And most of these belonged to small and medium-sized businesses…

Even in the MBE community, websites have been held ransom by hackers and others have been breached and are vulnerable.  How would your business be impacted if your website was hacked and penalized or removed from Google? What are customers could no longer find your website online?  If Google flags your website, your revenue and reputation could be at stake.  We’ll investigate the role that Google plays and offer insight into 10 things you can do today to better protect your website, your business and your client’s.  We’ll review case studies as well.  This webinar will also be taught by Duane Coleman, President of Dashboard Interactive.

This is an online event. Register for Session 2. Although this seminar series is designed for Class I and II MBEs, all are welcome to join.